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Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Nationwide marketing provides SEO and organic search engine optimization with customized internet marketing for increased web traffic and improved online SERP results. SEO search engine optimization provides a unique opportunity for websites owned by small business to compete with big business websites because the search engines are not prejudice against things like size of company, money in the bank and years in business. We provide both global and local search engine optimization solutions with techniques to improve placement on the major search engines targeting relevant keywords.

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Nationwide Marketing is an experienced search engine optimization company that offers cost-effective advertising that in most cases provides dramatically improved results each year. Research indicates that visitors click on the organic listings in the results pages, even though the search engine is promoting the text ads ahead of the natural search results. Nationwide Marketing has a proven track record with for top ranked websites in search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing through our organic search engine optimization techniques.

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5 Essential Steps to Improving Search Engine Placement

The four major search engines that about 95% of searchers use are Yahoo, Google, MSN and Every business wants to be at the top of the search engines for the targeted keywords that will bring in fresh hot leads. Having your site ranked high will bring in great traffic. SEO search engine optimization should be a fundamental step for every website that expects to be seen on the World Wide Web.

Search engine optimization or "SEO" is the process of making your site and the site's individual pages visible and relevant to both search engines and search engine users. The following are five essential steps to improve your site's search engine ranking:

  1. Original Content
    Original content is king. The key operative here is “original”. Original content is what makes your site stand out from others offering similar products or services. It's the top reason why site visitors are on your site. Targeting your audience with the content they are looking for is paramount for searchers and search engine spiders and robots to find you. Your content also needs to be keyword-rich. Relevant keywords, keywords under which you want people to find your site, need to be as close to the top of the page as possible.

    According to, the search engines want you to have at least 150 words of copy on a given Web page, with a decent percentage of these words including the keywords that you want to be found for when people are searching. You would be best served to include these words that you are focused on within the first paragraph of text, and in your header/H1 tag. Bulleted text also indexes well, so use them to highlight important points.

  2. Original Meta Tags that Best Market each URL
    The most important meta-tag is the title tag. Most search engines index the contents of the title tag, and actually make it one of the most important factors in the ranking process. SEO suggests using keywords of focus 1st, and attempting to limit the size of the title tag under 70 characters, including spaces. Keywords and description meta tags are not as important as the title tag, but it helps to have unique optimized keywords and description pages for each of your pages.

  3. Clean HTML Work
    HTML encoding errors can adversely affect your search engine rating because search engine spiders and robots need to be able to interpret your page and figure out what you are saying in order to properly index your site. For example, one badly placed angle bracket can keep Googlebot from correctly parsing the page, which could cause it to fall completely out of the index. W3C offers a free markup validation service at Search engine spiders also care about the structure of your Web page because they give extra weight to keywords placed inside certain HTML tags, like heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) and bold tags.

  4. Simple Navigation
    Sites that place well with search engines all have a major thing in common: their web design is simple, with fast-loading graphics, and their site navigation is simple. It's not only easy for site visitors to use, but it's also easy for the search engines to index the sites.

  5. Non-paid Links
    Social media sites are an effective means of getting non-paid relevant links. If you create a blog on your Web site and promote it to the masses, non-paid links will come your way. Link baiting is a commonly used strategy on social media sites, RSS feeds and blogs to get non-paid links. Link-baiting, also spelled as link baiting, focuses on creating unique, useful and provocative content that people respond to by linking to it and sharing with others and, it helps you get non-paid relevant links.