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Value of Press Releases Online

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Press releases are a good way to announce the grand opening of your new business as well as announcing a large sale or promotion being offered on your website. When a press release is optimized for keyword phrases that get searched for frequently in the major search engines, a press release can also help you with search engine visibility by ranking high in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The following are some of the benefits of a good press release:

  • Name recognition. If the press release is written in a memorable way that stands out from the crowd, your name will stick in the minds of the editors and reporters who receive your press release.

  • Web site enhancements. Press releases offering the latest happenings in your company provide fresh content for your website on an on-going basis, which helps your SERPs. It's also another way your message is communicated to customers and potential customers.

  • Rapport building. A well-written press release is a good door opener for your marketing professional to contact the reporters and editors who received it. You could become a source for their stories and possibly lend your professional opinion to their stories.

Press Release Distribution

Now, it's time to talk about the delivery of your press release. How do you get it in front of your readers? Putting them on your website is nice, but may not be the most effective way to generate new and on-going business.

You could mail it to send it to your local media outlets: newspapers, radio and television stations or email it to them if you have email addresses for the reporters and editors. If you are lucky, your release reaches the selected journalists on time, and if they are interested in your content, they cover your story. If not, your press release is trashed and your message doesn't get out to your customers.

Distributing your press releases online is a much faster and more efficient way to deliver your message to your customers. Once you've submitted your press release or other online press release distributor, the next day, your press release appears on Google News, Yahoo News, other major online news services and social media sites. is an excellent way for small businesses to get the word out about grand openings, new products or services and other newsworthy items. They are reasonably priced and offer good search engine optimization and far-reaching distribution that get you noticed.

"PRWeb provides a cost-effective way for entrepreneurs to promote their new products and services. It is often part of overall, strategic planning to help our clients increase awareness and sales and reach targeted audiences," says Melanie Rembrandt, CEO Rembrandt Communications, LLC.

Distributing your press release online could get you valuable media attention. As a result of distributing their press release online through PRWeb, a Florida company, Menus that Talk, were contacted by both the FOX and CBS affiliates in Chicago and were on the front page of the Chicago Tribune.

"We were contacted by both the FOX and the CBS affiliates in Chicago and were on the front page of the Chicago Tribune," said Jessica MacWithey of Menus that Talk. "They all said they saw our press release." Ultimately, FOX ran a stand-up story featuring Menus that Talk.

Now, isn't this some publicity your company could use? To get started with your press release, visit PRWeb's News Releases 101. It will give you basic guidelines on how to write a successful press release.