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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is an effective way to increase web traffic quickly from Google,, MSN and Yahoo. Pay Per Click advertising can be expensive if not researched and managed properly. Pay per click (PPC) advertising (paid search) is a service in which an advertiser selects specific keywords or phrases and then creates a listing that will show up when someone searches for that phrase. The advertiser selects an amount they are willing to pay for each click on their listing, which results in a visit to their site–thus the term "pay per click". Pay per click management consists of managing your keyword bids, monitoring your PPC ad performance and otherwise managing your PPC account.

There are many companies that provide outsourced pay per click management services where your PPC campaign is set up and run by an advertising specialist usually for a management fee plus the cost of your clicks. One advantage of hiring an experienced online advertiser is that you have a well trained and experienced marketing professional setting up your account according to the best practice standards of each search provider. They also have knowledge of many different PPC providers' interfaces and can easily manage the day to day activities of the account including budgeting, bid pricing, writing ad copy, and much more.

In 2005, 81%, or $4.70 billion of the total $5.75 billion spent on search engine marketing was spent on Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing. Only $1.05 billion of the $5.75 billion dollars spent on search engine marketing last year was spent on organic search engine optimization. The pay per click model can become costly with Google Adwords or Overture, but it's a quick way to getting jump-started with the search engines. Pay per click includes a brief text advertisement placed in the sponsored links section of search engine results, and you ay a fee to the search engine (for example: Google, Yahoo, etc.) every time someone clicks on your advertisement.