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Lead Planet was able to expand their product line that helped keep their lenders and brokers business alive!

The Lead Planet is a mortgage lead generation company located in San Diego California. They are a unique lead company, because they generate leads directly from their websites, rather than buying them like most companies from lead brokers.

Lead Planet had been established for years, but as the search engines evolved, so did their lead volumes. They understood SEO and their search engine rankings with Google, Yahoo and MSN were already high.

They came to Nationwide Marketing mostly for copywriting services, but they were also interested in our strategies to increase their lead generation services. We were successful implementing an affiliate program that drove additional homeowners and mortgage lenders to their sites.

According to Dan Ambrose, “Nationwide Marketing helped Lead Planet expand their lead products by adding loan modification leads and FHA mortgage leads that helped increase revenues. Ambrose continued, “More importantly by expanding lead types, we were able to help our lenders and broker clients change with the times.” Dan Ambrose , National Sales Manager– Lead Planet Company

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