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Nationwide Marketing is well versed on the latest search engine optimization updates. We understand how critical SEO is for organic lead generation strategies and we do not cut corners with quick-fix techniques that will get you short-lived high rankings. We provide copywriting, web development and website promotions to maximize search engine rankings.

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SEO Changes for Google in 2010

07th January 2010

A recent article in Web Pro News discussed the upcoming changes in search engine optimization for 2010.  Of course, the search industry is constantly changing, and that means SEO marketing, lead generation and businesses must adapt. This is always made abundantly clear at the change of each year as the previous year is reflected upon, and predictions about trends in the upcoming year are discussed. SEO consultants understand that adaptation and ongoing education are crucial. The problem is that businesses don’t always understand just how much the search landscape actually does change. This can present a whole different set of challenges for both the small business and SEO professionals.

Web Pro News highlights some of the things you should keep in mind:

ü  Site Speed

ü  Personalized Search

ü  Universal Search  

ü  Real-Time Search

ü  Changes in Local

We recommend staying informed and take advantage of a free SEO consultation from Nationwide Marketing.


Press releases are a great way to promote business with announcements that put a spotlight on your business. They can also drive traffic, particularly from search engines. This is not news, but it’s a commonly overlooked fact.  As many search engine marketing experts will tell you, press releases can enhance search traffic.  “Search engine rankings are arguably the most important small business marketing tool available today because it drives Web traffic and potential prospects to a small business’ Web site,” a PRWeb spokesperson once told Web Pro News. “However, because improving search rankings are desirable, achieving results can be both challenging and highly competitive.”

Back in the summer, PRWeb shared a case study with us, involving a firm that typically sees a boost in search engine rankings and a 50% spike in web traffic after they issue a release. In fact, for one release in particular, the firm saw a spike of 400% on two different Web sites, and the firm doesn’t believe they were from the same users. They also incorporate social media tools like Twitter to extend the “shelf life” of press releases, and say that drives additional traffic.

“When we included a link to our press releases on Twitter and other social media networks, we saw these both expanded the scope of distribution and the extended the longevity of the announcement,” the CEO of the company behind the case study had said. “With other news releases we saw an initial spike in Web site traffic on the first two days and then it dropped off. With these features we’ve seen increases in traffic up to five days after the news release was issued.”

In a study from Arketi Group, also back in the summer, reporters were found to use the web in the following ways:

- 95% search
- 92% reading news
- 92% emailing
- 89% finding story ideas
- 87% finding news sources
- 75% reading blogs
- 64% watching webinars
- 61% watching YouTube
- 59% social networks


Today, Nationwide Marketing announced the partnership of the Mortgage Lead Vault who is a direct lead provider specializing in mortgage leads, to provide comprehensive, private label mortgage lead generation services. Nationwide Marketing will provide Mortgage Lead Vault with technology and internet marketing precision for outsourcing for American consumers to compare mortgage loan quotes online. The lead marketing services will include customer service, loan approvals, underwriting guidelines and article publishing. Nationwide will help drive additional web traffic to the online portal of Mortgage Lead Vault targeting lead types such as, conventional, conforming, jumbo, FHA and VA mortgage products.

Mortgage Lead Vault is an online company that matches consumers with mortgage lending professionals who compete for their home loan business. The company provides an end-to-end loan shopping experience from customer acquisition to loan disclosure capabilities. The mortgage lead company, which also works with lenders, brokers and loan modification law firms to help distressed homeowners refinance and modify loans in their portfolios, is a licensed mortgage lender authorized to conduct business nationwide.

Our goal is to provide customers a seamless lending experience from start to finish and the Nationwide Marketing will become an important partner in that effort for the Mortgage Lead Vault business.” “We are excited to support Mortgage Lead Vault and their focus on connecting qualified borrowers with their online loan quote process and its exceptional commitment to the better closing conversions for loan officers,” said Sanford Sarconi, regional manager,  for Mortgage Lead Vault.   According to Nationwide’s founder, Bryan Dornan, “Nationwide Marketing is committed to working with Mortgage Lead Vault to enhance the experience of consumers shopping for home loans online.”


SEO Linking vs Content

21st September 2009

Search engine marketers will argue about content and linking until they are blue in the face.   Many of our clients ask the SEO team on a regular basis, “Which is more important – Content or SEO Links?  Both SEO linking and content are critical to a website success for marketing online. 

Clearly, you must have good search engine placement to get traffic and linking and keyword placement are important, but if you your content doesn’t flow and users just see keywords splattered all over the site, they will smell a rat miles away, so well-written content I just as critical. We recommend creating content for users with “call to action” headlines and landing pages to capture data and maximize lead generation.  you don’t write your content for your human site visitors, the people who do show up might end up leaving without making a purchase. Canned content is no fun to read.  The phrase “content is king” is true as long as it’s relevant content and linking isn’t overlooked. 


Lead Generation Tips

25th August 2009

Lead generation is a general term referred to the process of aggregating leads and data with the intention of marketing a specific offer. Quite often people get confused by thinking that lead generation is exclusively only for online marketing tools. In fact, lead generation is a broad marketing term that includes online and offline advertising campaigns.  Direct mail marketing and outbound dialing would be consider offline lead generation because they utilize traditional marketing methods by telephone and postal delivery services.  Online lead generation would refer to organic search engine optimization, email marketing, pay per click advertising, banner advertising and contextual advertising.

Combining online and offline marketing technologies can be very effective for boosting conversion ratios.  Consider combining several marketing methods in an effort to maximize lead volumes.  This also provides choices for the consumers, because some people want to talk by phone and some just info emailed to them to read at their leisure.

Example 1: Consider combining internet marketing with voice broadcasting.  With our live transfer technology a prospect could be browsing your website and click the “Live Agents” button and the click to call system will connect the prospect and sales agent together by telephone. 

Example 2: Consider a direct mail campaign that drive consumers to call a telephone or go online to your website to complete an info request form that generates a lead that goes instantly to your live agents.  Landing pages are critically for generating leads for consumers that are not ready to speak with someone by phone yet. They are also instrumental in aggregating leads after-hours. 


For the last several months, a large team of Google engineers have been working on a new search engine project.  Google is making an effort to improve the “search” experience with the “next-generation architecture” for their online search engine. It’s the 1st step in a process that will let us push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions. Google is calling on web developers and SEO programmers test ride the new engine and then provide feedback.  

Google wants feedback on the differences between the present search results and the SERPS in the new system. They are also interested in higher-level feedback (“These types of sites seem to rank better or worse in the new system”) in addition to “This specific site should or shouldn’t rank for this query.” Google said their engineers will read and consider the feedback, but will not be able to reply to the comments directly.Here’s how to offer feedback to Google: Go online and visit   Check out the search results page and look for the link at the bottom of the page that says “Dissatisfied? Help us improve.” Roll over and click on that link.  Google encourages people to provide detailed feedback in the comments box and then include the word “caffeine” somewhere in the text box.  Sign up now to have the latest search engine marketing to me emailed you.

Click to Call live transfer lead solutions remain one of the best methods for maximizing organic SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaigns with your website.  Lead generation specialists can offer companies a combination of live chat and Click to Call wherein live operators escalate visitor from chat to voice to close high-value sales or resolve complex service issues. 




Click to Call technology connects internet visitors with live operators and sales people with the click of a button.  Voice broadcasting support is imperative for integrating websites to 3rd party lead generation systems.  Take advantage of web based support from experienced voice broadcasting companies.  These technology companies offer lead capture capabilities and queue placement features as a high-end telephone system, without expensive hardware investments and maintenance fees.  Mortgage Lead generation companies like the Lead Planet have reported significant results for their clients.


When online visitors enter their telephone number to click to talk, Click to Call automatically routes the request to the agent and as soon as an agent accepts the request, the call is placed, connecting the customer and agent immediately. It eliminates frustrating wait times, busy signals and annoying IVR loops by bypassing traditional phonee lines. Real-time queue placement indicators with Click to call have the ability to display accurate wait times online so visitors know exactly when to expect the call that is transferred automatically with the voice broadcasting technology.

Live Lead Transfer Company can refer you to lead generation companies that are dedicated to marketing, outbound dialing and the entire live transfer process consisting of real time daily monitoring of each agent’s sales and customer service performance. Many lead generation companies have the call center facilities to provide live telephone operators with local telephone number in most major countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, India, China, Vietnam and many more countries.

What if we told you that you could make thousands of dollars a week without investing any money for internet advertising or search engine marketing?

What if I told that we could get you top placement for any keyword terms on any of the search engines for less than $100?

You may have received email from “SEO marketers” stating that Google, Yahoo, MSN and others were sending them hundreds of new customers every week at no cost! They send you unsolicited emails with subject lines like, “Make Money On Google…While You’re Sleeping…Or Get top placement on Yahoo and Google for nothing?

I certainly hope you let those go into your junk email bin, because these SEO marketing claims are ridiculous and the sources are clearly not credible.  Search engine optimization and internet advertising takes a lot of content, relevant links and careful planning and execution.  To achieve high ranking search engine rankings, you have to provide quality original content with accurate meta-tags and extremely good timing.  Yes SEO can be done, but it doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly is not free.

According to a recent RINF article, Google Trends continue to indicate that the demand for SEO has tripled in recent years, including the topic being a frequent search in Google News, again with a steady climb in searches. With SEO companies and online marketing reporting a significant increase n demand for their search engine optimization services and finally has started to connect with the mainstream.  Comparison searches in Google Trends for celebrity names, TV shows and pop artists still produce much larger search volumes, as expected.



Search Engine Optimization techniques do work.  According to marketing executive, Joe Koller, “Successful SEO is a marketing strategy that involves promotions and value added content, not black-hat tricks that gen your website banned.”  Koller continued, “SEO marketing firms like Nationwide Marketing and Bruce Clay can get your company’s website visible online.”


Take a quick snapshot of a search for ‘SEO’ in Google Trends demonstrates how more and more people are searching for a new way to market their Internet business. Search Engine Optimization provides a simple solution for companies to increase their internet traffic, which can introduce lead generation, improved customer service and enhance your image online. RINF News announced a SEO video series that offers over 30 videos from beginner to expert.  They explain the SEO basics, like achieving high 1st page rankings for relevant search terms.

Don’t forget that when are optimizing your site and measuring keyword density that you should consider both the search engines and the viewers.   Think – “How will Yahoo, Google and MSN find my site?” and – “What services or products best describe my niche?”  At the same time, read your pages from a viewer’s perspective.  Are you using the terminology that readers can understand?  Are you delivering a “call to action”, that gets you a lead or inquiry that helps your business?

Watch SEO Marketing Tips Video

If you over-indulge keywords in your content, the search engines will penalize you, but if you don’t use enough, then no one will ever find you.  There is a fine line, and you will likely get different advice on keyword denisty all over the internet. If you create your content for viewers and website visitors then in most cases you will get the best results that produce the best leads for your business. 

Nationwide Marketing offers helpful search engine marketing advice with regular posts for aspiring SEO marketers.  Content critical for search marketing effectively, so remember to deliver relevant and interesting content for viewers and SEO purposes as well.

comScore released their January 2009 report on search market share, and reported that Yahoo rose and that Google’s share declined month to month.  In December 2008, Google had a 63.5% share, but in January, they dropped down to a 63% share. Yahoo gained month to month with a gain from 20.5% to 21.0%.


Google Sites led the U.S. core search market in December with 63.0% of the searches conducted, followed by Yahoo! Sites (21.0%), Microsoft Sites (8.5%), AOL LLC (3.9%) and Ask Network (3.7%). In any event, you need to understand this is month to month and you need to look at the numbers over time. So I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions after looking at the monthly numbers.


Is Google News dropping publishers from their index? In a recent SEO article, several posts were noted from the Google News Help forum. There are a handful of threads from upset publishers, including two large threads here and here.  Jason Dowdell, Founder & Editor of was one of those publishers who noticed his site being dropped by Google News. Dowdell’s site had been in Google News for over four years now and as of today, but now his content is no longer getting picked up. In addition, Dowdell was quoted in the article saying, he no longer sees the “News” tab in Google Webmaster Tools Diagnostics area. To me, that is a clear sign that his site is no longer syndicated by Google News.  As you can see, the last article indexed by Google News from was from yesterday, even though, has new articles today.



Read the complete article.

Dowdell may be afraid that Google is ranking the smaller sites and not valuing the smaller publishers enough.  “Google doesn’t value the small publishers who work hard to produce quality content day in and day out.” Jason told me that he, “personally spent $25k a year for the past 4 years on MarketingShift, by employing full time writers because we wanted to make sure we remained in Google News and abided by their quality content guidelines.”  Mr. Dowdell suspects that Google is dropping the small publishers to help “save the newspaper business.” 


Nationwide Marketing has been unable to verify that Google is devaluing publishers.




Search Marketing Videos

06th February 2009



Byron Gordon, SEO-PR interviews Byron White, President, ideaLaunch, about the company and its focus on helping clients improve their online visibility and success with its focus on building content, community and conversions.


The Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP today announced that Internet advertising revenues reached almost $5.9 billion for the third quarter of 2008, representing an 11% increase over the same period in 2007. While double-digit annual growth continues, the quarter-to-quarter curve remains relatively flat compared to recent past performance. The Q3 2008 figures, published in the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, are 2% higher than the Q2 2008 results. Set against strong economic headwinds in the U.S. economy, Q3 2008′s $5.9 billion represents nonetheless the second-highest quarter results ever. For the first nine months of 2008, revenues totaled $17.3 billion, up from $15.2 billion in the same period a year ago and surpassing the record set in the first nine months of 2007 by nearly 14 percent.



The growth of interactive advertising that we’ve been experiencing over the past few years has stabilized due in large part to the difficult current economic climate,” said Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO of the IAB. “Interactive advertising continues to be the most measurable and cost-effective way to reach consumers, and we see more and more marketers seeking to harness its power.”

David Silverman, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, added that, “a weakening economy will continue to be a challenge to all forms of advertising-supported media. However, the Internet should be better poised to withstand the storm given its ability to combine performance-based advertising along with broad-based branding.” Search marketing continues to be the primary focus for internet advertising. Read the complete article >

Search Engine Marketing Sins

29th December 2008

In a recent Site pro News article, Suzanne Morrison delivers the “7 deadly Sins” for search engine optimization.  This is a “must read” for all SEO professionals who are serious about maximizing the search engine results with Google, Yahoo and MSN.

1. Keyword Ignorance 

One of the most common mistakes that people make when building a website is to completely disregard keyword research. Take a look at the results and be sure that the keywords you pick have a good number of searches per month. Also type your keywords into Google and make sure that you feel confident about beating the competition and getting your site on to the first page of results.



2.  Keyword Spamming

Mentioning your keywords over and over hundreds of times throughout your web page or making large lists of keywords with a font color that is the same as the background color is not going to help your search engine rank. Neither is adding keywords that have nothing to do with the content of your page.  Read the complete article > 7 Deadly Search Engine Sins written by Suzanne Morrison.


Website navigation continues to be regarded as a critical element for search engine optimization and visitor activity.  Easy to follow navigation is essential to guide visitors through your website.  Site visitors need assistance finding the offer or service that you are promoting online. This also helps search engine spiders define what content is important to the website’s offers.  Google recommends that search marketing professionals develop websites that provide a “home page” which is in most cases is the most popular URL on the site and it’s usually the origin for many visitors being directed by search engine results.

o    Utilize text in navigation links

o    Implement a naturally outline of navigation that is fluid

o    Repeat a row of internal links throughout the site

o    Add a HTML sitemap link on your home page using an XML Sitemap file

Not too long ago, Google introduced a SEO tool called Website Optimizer that enables search marketing companies to test several variations of web pages and their performance with site visitors.  This helpful search engine optimization tool enables the programmers to see which version converts better.  Increasing conversion rates is one of the best ways for SEO webmasters to achieve better results quickly.  Test and optimize your new content to maximize conversions from search marketing.  As a leading search marketing firm, Nationwide recommends taking advantage of the free SEO tools because they provide cost effective marketing analysis and analytics.

o    Choose the specific content and web pages to test

o    Test website modifications with your visitors

o    Learn which alterations will increase conversion ratios 

Check Google’s Website Optimizer and achieve better results immediately.


In a recent SEO Chat article, Terri Wells discusses about the obstacles of content theft online.  Web copywriting and the security needed to protect your content can be challenging and frustrating, but unfortunately it’s a reality that search marketing professionals simply have to deal with.  Wells tells a story about finding published articles that were posted on someone else’s website with no permission or authorization for republishing the copy written articles.




Stealing content, also known as e-thieving is a serious problem that dilutes the original article with no compensation while damaging any search engine optimization that should be benefitting the author.  Quite often the duplicate content can cause each site to be penalized by Google, Yahoo or MSN.  So even the original business publishing the article on their website can be penalized for the duplicate content even though somebody ripped off their genuine writing.  Many of this e-thievery has become profitable in the advent of Adsense, an revenue sharing affiliate program offered by Google.  Wells points out that if the website is hosted in the US, that laws were created to protect you and your website.  Nationwide Marketing supports SEO Chat and their content writers.

Ø  Read the Original SEO Article-  Thwarting Content Theft Written By: Terri Wells

Nationwide Marketing recommends using your own domain whenever possible….
According to Scott Kublin, people often wonder whether it’s better to host a WordPress site on or install and host WordPress on their own domain. Aside from the benefit of not having any out-of-pocket expenses to start, there’s really no other reason to use If this blog is going to become a source of income, not having full control over the future of it is a big mistake.

For example, suppose the people responsible for running decide to terminate your account for some type of inadvertent violation? Or if the taxonomy of your URLs changes because of a major restructuring that the developers decide to take? Countless hours of your time would be wasted as all of the other external SEO factors such as article backlinks, press releases, social bookmarking, and comment links would no longer point to valid URLs.

Hosting WordPress on your own domain gives you much more control and isn’t that expensive. You can easily register a domain with any one of several registrars for under $10 (search online for coupon codes) and many of these registrars will offer low hosting fees as well. Some will even offer free add-ons and most will have a control panel that includes an easy way to install WordPress.  Read Complete SEO Article >


Nationwide Marketing recently provided a successful lead generation system with Community First Bank.  According to CFB Loan Services President, Ben Lyons, “Nationwide Marketing was instrumental in integrating the mortgage leads from Lead Planet with the Live Transfer feature of Inside Sales. 

CFB was successful with their “app to funding ratios” that remained between 3 and 5% after the second month.  Lyons continued, “We came to Bryan Dornan at Nationwide because in the past they had gotten lost on the internet and it was important for us to  generate quality leads at a fraction of the cost we were spending on marketing.

Community First Bank Loan Services is a federally charted bank located on the East Coast, but offering government and conventional home loans nationally.

Branch Development Manager, Steve Park stated, “Going above and beyond the average marketing lead company, Nationwide enable us to reach more of our targeted borrowers rather quickly. Our closings per month increased and out our cost per acquisition went down because the conversion ratios were so high. Thanks again for your concerted efforts that helped increase our revenues in 2008.”

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