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Nationwide Marketing is well versed on the latest search engine optimization updates. We understand how critical SEO is for organic lead generation strategies and we do not cut corners with quick-fix techniques that will get you short-lived high rankings. We provide copywriting, web development and website promotions to maximize search engine rankings.

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Nationwide Marketing is pleased to announce another partnership with the Lead Planet. The mortgage marketing groups will expand their services to include mortgage SEO, mortgage marketing and web development for finance driven sales organizations.  The agreement would offer enhanced mortgage marketing services for their clients in addition to the mortgage lead generation campaigns they were already running.  The Lead Planet is best known for producing quality internet mortgage leads  for banks, lenders and mortgage brokers nationwide.

The Lead Planet connects consumers with finance professionals seamlessly online and the company shares many internet marketing convictions as Nationwide.  Both companies have centered their online marketing technologies around organic search engine optimization, so the partnership makes sense philosophically.


One of the key components for successful SEO and lead generation is a good landing page.  We recommend insightful key-word driven copyright with a “call to action” and solid landing page that makes it easy for your website visitor to give you information or make a decision that could help they buy your product or services.  Landing pages are essential for improving conversion rates for email and search engine marketing campaigns.

The best conversion typically occurs when the landing page and content complement each other and Nationwide Marketing can help you with web design and SEO.  For a free SEO or PPC evaluation call 888-271-9581 ext 103.


Is Your Website Ranked at Number One in The Search Engines?  When your website is ranked highly in all of the major search engines, you benefit from more internet exposure and increased traffic online.  SEO  is the most important keys to your company’s success with internet marketing. Your business goes from being unseen or ranked very low to a very high ranking, making you sales 24/7.

At no cost to you, our search engine optimization experts will run a ranking report showing you exactly where your website currently stands in all the major search engines. Then we will email you our analysis report along with the recommendations of how we can increase your ranking, and improve your websites traffic dramatically!

Nationwide Marketing offers lead generation and search engine marketing strategies led by Bryan Dornan that will benefit your bottom line. Please call now and we will send you an SEO proposal based on your keywords, needs and goals.


A new mortgage marketing service from Google allows consumers to compare multiple offers from lenders and brokers that are generated automatically when prospective applicants submit information about the mortgage loan they are seeking along with their credit rating.  Unlike some similar services, Google’s AdWords Mortgage Comparison Ads enables borrowers to refine their criteria and request loan quotes anonymously.  Lead Planet founder, Bryan Dornan thought it was a good idea.  In a recent interview, Dornan said, “Google bringing together the technology vendors for the mortgage industry makes sense.”  He continued, “The fact that Google is getting involved in mortgage lead generation says a lot about the mortgage industry.”

In October of 2009, Google launched Comparison Mortgage Ads in Beta test mode . Google moved Mortgage Comparison Ads out of the Beta test phase today, allowing three vendors to announce their roles in the project: Insight Lending Solutions, which is providing its PriceMyLoan pricing engine; Lead360, a lead management software provider; and Mortech, which provides both loan pricing and lead management services to lenders.

For a Free mortgage lead generation evaluation, call 888-271-9581- extension 103 and take advantage of our lead generation solutions.


SEO Changes for Google in 2010

07th January 2010

A recent article in Web Pro News discussed the upcoming changes in search engine optimization for 2010.  Of course, the search industry is constantly changing, and that means SEO marketing, lead generation and businesses must adapt. This is always made abundantly clear at the change of each year as the previous year is reflected upon, and predictions about trends in the upcoming year are discussed. SEO consultants understand that adaptation and ongoing education are crucial. The problem is that businesses don’t always understand just how much the search landscape actually does change. This can present a whole different set of challenges for both the small business and SEO professionals.

Web Pro News highlights some of the things you should keep in mind:

ü  Site Speed

ü  Personalized Search

ü  Universal Search  

ü  Real-Time Search

ü  Changes in Local

We recommend staying informed and take advantage of a free SEO consultation from Nationwide Marketing.


Today, Nationwide Marketing announced the partnership of the Mortgage Lead Vault who is a direct lead provider specializing in mortgage leads, to provide comprehensive, private label mortgage lead generation services. Nationwide Marketing will provide Mortgage Lead Vault with technology and internet marketing precision for outsourcing for American consumers to compare mortgage loan quotes online. The lead marketing services will include customer service, loan approvals, underwriting guidelines and article publishing. Nationwide will help drive additional web traffic to the online portal of Mortgage Lead Vault targeting lead types such as, conventional, conforming, jumbo, FHA and VA mortgage products.

Mortgage Lead Vault is an online company that matches consumers with mortgage lending professionals who compete for their home loan business. The company provides an end-to-end loan shopping experience from customer acquisition to loan disclosure capabilities. The mortgage lead company, which also works with lenders, brokers and loan modification law firms to help distressed homeowners refinance and modify loans in their portfolios, is a licensed mortgage lender authorized to conduct business nationwide.

Our goal is to provide customers a seamless lending experience from start to finish and the Nationwide Marketing will become an important partner in that effort for the Mortgage Lead Vault business.” “We are excited to support Mortgage Lead Vault and their focus on connecting qualified borrowers with their online loan quote process and its exceptional commitment to the better closing conversions for loan officers,” said Sanford Sarconi, regional manager,  for Mortgage Lead Vault.   According to Nationwide’s founder, Bryan Dornan, “Nationwide Marketing is committed to working with Mortgage Lead Vault to enhance the experience of consumers shopping for home loans online.”


Lead Generation Tips

25th August 2009

Lead generation is a general term referred to the process of aggregating leads and data with the intention of marketing a specific offer. Quite often people get confused by thinking that lead generation is exclusively only for online marketing tools. In fact, lead generation is a broad marketing term that includes online and offline advertising campaigns.  Direct mail marketing and outbound dialing would be consider offline lead generation because they utilize traditional marketing methods by telephone and postal delivery services.  Online lead generation would refer to organic search engine optimization, email marketing, pay per click advertising, banner advertising and contextual advertising.

Combining online and offline marketing technologies can be very effective for boosting conversion ratios.  Consider combining several marketing methods in an effort to maximize lead volumes.  This also provides choices for the consumers, because some people want to talk by phone and some just info emailed to them to read at their leisure.

Example 1: Consider combining internet marketing with voice broadcasting.  With our live transfer technology a prospect could be browsing your website and click the “Live Agents” button and the click to call system will connect the prospect and sales agent together by telephone. 

Example 2: Consider a direct mail campaign that drive consumers to call a telephone or go online to your website to complete an info request form that generates a lead that goes instantly to your live agents.  Landing pages are critically for generating leads for consumers that are not ready to speak with someone by phone yet. They are also instrumental in aggregating leads after-hours. 


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