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Nationwide Marketing is well versed on the latest search engine optimization updates. We understand how critical SEO is for organic lead generation strategies and we do not cut corners with quick-fix techniques that will get you short-lived high rankings. We provide copywriting, web development and website promotions to maximize search engine rankings.

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25th August 2009

Lead generation is a general term referred to the process of aggregating leads and data with the intention of marketing a specific offer. Quite often people get confused by thinking that lead generation is exclusively only for online marketing tools. In fact, lead generation is a broad marketing term that includes online and offline advertising campaigns.  Direct mail marketing and outbound dialing would be consider offline lead generation because they utilize traditional marketing methods by telephone and postal delivery services.  Online lead generation would refer to organic search engine optimization, email marketing, pay per click advertising, banner advertising and contextual advertising.

Combining online and offline marketing technologies can be very effective for boosting conversion ratios.  Consider combining several marketing methods in an effort to maximize lead volumes.  This also provides choices for the consumers, because some people want to talk by phone and some just info emailed to them to read at their leisure.

Example 1: Consider combining internet marketing with voice broadcasting.  With our live transfer technology a prospect could be browsing your website and click the “Live Agents” button and the click to call system will connect the prospect and sales agent together by telephone. 

Example 2: Consider a direct mail campaign that drive consumers to call a telephone or go online to your website to complete an info request form that generates a lead that goes instantly to your live agents.  Landing pages are critically for generating leads for consumers that are not ready to speak with someone by phone yet. They are also instrumental in aggregating leads after-hours. 


For the last several months, a large team of Google engineers have been working on a new search engine project.  Google is making an effort to improve the “search” experience with the “next-generation architecture” for their online search engine. It’s the 1st step in a process that will let us push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions. Google is calling on web developers and SEO programmers test ride the new engine and then provide feedback.  

Google wants feedback on the differences between the present search results and the SERPS in the new system. They are also interested in higher-level feedback (“These types of sites seem to rank better or worse in the new system”) in addition to “This specific site should or shouldn’t rank for this query.” Google said their engineers will read and consider the feedback, but will not be able to reply to the comments directly.Here’s how to offer feedback to Google: Go online and visit   Check out the search results page and look for the link at the bottom of the page that says “Dissatisfied? Help us improve.” Roll over and click on that link.  Google encourages people to provide detailed feedback in the comments box and then include the word “caffeine” somewhere in the text box.  Sign up now to have the latest search engine marketing to me emailed you.

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