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Nationwide Marketing is well versed on the latest search engine optimization updates. We understand how critical SEO is for organic lead generation strategies and we do not cut corners with quick-fix techniques that will get you short-lived high rankings. We provide copywriting, web development and website promotions to maximize search engine rankings.

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Don’t forget that when are optimizing your site and measuring keyword density that you should consider both the search engines and the viewers.   Think – “How will Yahoo, Google and MSN find my site?” and – “What services or products best describe my niche?”  At the same time, read your pages from a viewer’s perspective.  Are you using the terminology that readers can understand?  Are you delivering a “call to action”, that gets you a lead or inquiry that helps your business?

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If you over-indulge keywords in your content, the search engines will penalize you, but if you don’t use enough, then no one will ever find you.  There is a fine line, and you will likely get different advice on keyword denisty all over the internet. If you create your content for viewers and website visitors then in most cases you will get the best results that produce the best leads for your business. 

Nationwide Marketing offers helpful search engine marketing advice with regular posts for aspiring SEO marketers.  Content critical for search marketing effectively, so remember to deliver relevant and interesting content for viewers and SEO purposes as well.

comScore released their January 2009 report on search market share, and reported that Yahoo rose and that Google’s share declined month to month.  In December 2008, Google had a 63.5% share, but in January, they dropped down to a 63% share. Yahoo gained month to month with a gain from 20.5% to 21.0%.


Google Sites led the U.S. core search market in December with 63.0% of the searches conducted, followed by Yahoo! Sites (21.0%), Microsoft Sites (8.5%), AOL LLC (3.9%) and Ask Network (3.7%). In any event, you need to understand this is month to month and you need to look at the numbers over time. So I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions after looking at the monthly numbers.


Is Google News dropping publishers from their index? In a recent SEO article, several posts were noted from the Google News Help forum. There are a handful of threads from upset publishers, including two large threads here and here.  Jason Dowdell, Founder & Editor of was one of those publishers who noticed his site being dropped by Google News. Dowdell’s site had been in Google News for over four years now and as of today, but now his content is no longer getting picked up. In addition, Dowdell was quoted in the article saying, he no longer sees the “News” tab in Google Webmaster Tools Diagnostics area. To me, that is a clear sign that his site is no longer syndicated by Google News.  As you can see, the last article indexed by Google News from was from yesterday, even though, has new articles today.



Read the complete article.

Dowdell may be afraid that Google is ranking the smaller sites and not valuing the smaller publishers enough.  “Google doesn’t value the small publishers who work hard to produce quality content day in and day out.” Jason told me that he, “personally spent $25k a year for the past 4 years on MarketingShift, by employing full time writers because we wanted to make sure we remained in Google News and abided by their quality content guidelines.”  Mr. Dowdell suspects that Google is dropping the small publishers to help “save the newspaper business.” 


Nationwide Marketing has been unable to verify that Google is devaluing publishers.




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