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Nationwide Marketing is well versed on the latest search engine optimization updates. We understand how critical SEO is for organic lead generation strategies and we do not cut corners with quick-fix techniques that will get you short-lived high rankings. We provide copywriting, web development and website promotions to maximize search engine rankings.

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Search Engine Marketing Sins

29th December 2008

In a recent Site pro News article, Suzanne Morrison delivers the “7 deadly Sins” for search engine optimization.  This is a “must read” for all SEO professionals who are serious about maximizing the search engine results with Google, Yahoo and MSN.

1. Keyword Ignorance 

One of the most common mistakes that people make when building a website is to completely disregard keyword research. Take a look at the results and be sure that the keywords you pick have a good number of searches per month. Also type your keywords into Google and make sure that you feel confident about beating the competition and getting your site on to the first page of results.



2.  Keyword Spamming

Mentioning your keywords over and over hundreds of times throughout your web page or making large lists of keywords with a font color that is the same as the background color is not going to help your search engine rank. Neither is adding keywords that have nothing to do with the content of your page.  Read the complete article > 7 Deadly Search Engine Sins written by Suzanne Morrison.


Website navigation continues to be regarded as a critical element for search engine optimization and visitor activity.  Easy to follow navigation is essential to guide visitors through your website.  Site visitors need assistance finding the offer or service that you are promoting online. This also helps search engine spiders define what content is important to the website’s offers.  Google recommends that search marketing professionals develop websites that provide a “home page” which is in most cases is the most popular URL on the site and it’s usually the origin for many visitors being directed by search engine results.

o    Utilize text in navigation links

o    Implement a naturally outline of navigation that is fluid

o    Repeat a row of internal links throughout the site

o    Add a HTML sitemap link on your home page using an XML Sitemap file

Not too long ago, Google introduced a SEO tool called Website Optimizer that enables search marketing companies to test several variations of web pages and their performance with site visitors.  This helpful search engine optimization tool enables the programmers to see which version converts better.  Increasing conversion rates is one of the best ways for SEO webmasters to achieve better results quickly.  Test and optimize your new content to maximize conversions from search marketing.  As a leading search marketing firm, Nationwide recommends taking advantage of the free SEO tools because they provide cost effective marketing analysis and analytics.

o    Choose the specific content and web pages to test

o    Test website modifications with your visitors

o    Learn which alterations will increase conversion ratios 

Check Google’s Website Optimizer and achieve better results immediately.


In a recent SEO Chat article, Terri Wells discusses about the obstacles of content theft online.  Web copywriting and the security needed to protect your content can be challenging and frustrating, but unfortunately it’s a reality that search marketing professionals simply have to deal with.  Wells tells a story about finding published articles that were posted on someone else’s website with no permission or authorization for republishing the copy written articles.




Stealing content, also known as e-thieving is a serious problem that dilutes the original article with no compensation while damaging any search engine optimization that should be benefitting the author.  Quite often the duplicate content can cause each site to be penalized by Google, Yahoo or MSN.  So even the original business publishing the article on their website can be penalized for the duplicate content even though somebody ripped off their genuine writing.  Many of this e-thievery has become profitable in the advent of Adsense, an revenue sharing affiliate program offered by Google.  Wells points out that if the website is hosted in the US, that laws were created to protect you and your website.  Nationwide Marketing supports SEO Chat and their content writers.

Ø  Read the Original SEO Article-  Thwarting Content Theft Written By: Terri Wells

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