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Our search marketing company is headquartered in San Diego, but we provide internet marketing solutions for global, national and local search engine marketing.

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Nationwide Marketing is well versed on the latest search engine optimization updates. We understand how critical SEO is for organic lead generation strategies and we do not cut corners with quick-fix techniques that will get you short-lived high rankings. We provide copywriting, web development and website promotions to maximize search engine rankings.

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Nationwide Marketing recommends using your own domain whenever possible….
According to Scott Kublin, people often wonder whether it’s better to host a WordPress site on or install and host WordPress on their own domain. Aside from the benefit of not having any out-of-pocket expenses to start, there’s really no other reason to use If this blog is going to become a source of income, not having full control over the future of it is a big mistake.

For example, suppose the people responsible for running decide to terminate your account for some type of inadvertent violation? Or if the taxonomy of your URLs changes because of a major restructuring that the developers decide to take? Countless hours of your time would be wasted as all of the other external SEO factors such as article backlinks, press releases, social bookmarking, and comment links would no longer point to valid URLs.

Hosting WordPress on your own domain gives you much more control and isn’t that expensive. You can easily register a domain with any one of several registrars for under $10 (search online for coupon codes) and many of these registrars will offer low hosting fees as well. Some will even offer free add-ons and most will have a control panel that includes an easy way to install WordPress.  Read Complete SEO Article >


Nationwide Marketing recently provided a successful lead generation system with Community First Bank.  According to CFB Loan Services President, Ben Lyons, “Nationwide Marketing was instrumental in integrating the mortgage leads from Lead Planet with the Live Transfer feature of Inside Sales. 

CFB was successful with their “app to funding ratios” that remained between 3 and 5% after the second month.  Lyons continued, “We came to Bryan Dornan at Nationwide because in the past they had gotten lost on the internet and it was important for us to  generate quality leads at a fraction of the cost we were spending on marketing.

Community First Bank Loan Services is a federally charted bank located on the East Coast, but offering government and conventional home loans nationally.

Branch Development Manager, Steve Park stated, “Going above and beyond the average marketing lead company, Nationwide enable us to reach more of our targeted borrowers rather quickly. Our closings per month increased and out our cost per acquisition went down because the conversion ratios were so high. Thanks again for your concerted efforts that helped increase our revenues in 2008.”

Take advantage of Google’s Adsense programs that share revenues with publishers that feature Google Ads on their website.  In a recent article, Akintomide suggest that Google has been migrating toward a system that displays personalized ad groups based on the consumers search history.


Google advertisers increase their click-through rates by providing good content that ranks high in the search engines for targeted key words.  With Google Ad words are chosen, based on the content and how it relates to the advertisement.  .


Google Adwords has stated that advertisers have the option to choose to display their ads on specific pages within a website. For example, advertisers can choose to advertise on the website for the Wall Street Journal in the Finance section, if they want to have their mortgage ad featured on a relevant page. Google’s publishing program continues to growing as nearly all major media portals are represented with magazine and newspaper publishers to television networks.


Normally advertisers find which Web sites display Google AdWords content ads by using Google’s placement tool, using a list of categories and keywords, and also listing specific URLs of sites, or by setting the desired user demographics. The tool digs into the pool of site publishers and lets you choose which sites will carry your ads.




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